Celebrating His Birthday

This is our 1st time celebrating my hubby's birthday as a married couple. It's really hard for me to surprise him 'coz we're already living in the same roof. 

Went to the convenient store and bought this! 😂 greeted him at exactly 12mn ❤️


bought real cake after work 😂

received wine too from my boss




ACNH: Wedding Event Day 8

Another different theme was requested on the 8th day, the "Chic" theme wedding ceremony. All you have to do is to edit all the furniture that you'll add to the studio. There's no additional items. Same as before the more furniture you add, the more reward you'll get in terms of heart crystals. Again, the maximum heart crystals that you may get is 15 pieces. 

8th day: Wedding Ceremony (Chic theme)



ACNH: Wedding Event Day 7

I'm on my 7th day of visiting Harvey's Island to help him in decorating the studio. Right after I arrived, I immediately received DIY RECIPE of Wedding Fence. I decorated a Garden themed Wedding Ceremony and again received a maximum number of heart crystals which is 15 pieces. I think this is because I used a lot of wedding items in decorating the studio.

I also received DIY Recipe of Wedding wand that looks like Wedding bouquet.

7th day: Wedding Ceremony (Garden style)

Received 15 heart crystals



ACNH: Wedding Event Day 6

There's a little twist on the 6th day. You will be asked to design a Wedding Reception Party where you will be adding the villagers to the studio, just click the "Residence Tab" while you're designing the studio. There's also additional wedding items in the Event Tab, so make sure you'll use all of them. This time, you're not going to take a picture and show it to the bride, just press <+> to start the party and the bride will do her part. After the talk, you may end the party and there you will receive your rewards.

6th day: Wedding Reception Party (cute theme)

Received 11 heart crystals